Part 6 - Is my forward still forward?

Part 6 - Is my forward still forward?

It’s Friday, March 3rd and the sun greeted me nicely as I didn’t waste a moment to get into my sports clothes. As usual, I did a short warm-up before getting started. A few metres in I knew it was a good choice.

My goal for today was to go through the entire album 2222 by CHAOSBAY and pick the song that pushed me the most for the playlist. One thing I need to mention at this point: what a magnificent album that is. The whole concept behind this alone is exciting enough for me to put it on. Check out this interview with Jan Listing (Vocals, Guitar) to familiarize yourself with the background right HERE.

I just love the vibe of the whole album. But there was one song pushing me the most:

This song starts off aggressively, so a fast run is almost inevitable. The energy continues throughout the verse with the instruments pumping like maniacs. The chorus is also written to get into your head really quickly – what more could you ask for?

At 01:25 min, a short interlude puts even more fuel on the fire, leading into a breakdown that couldn’t be placed any better. The song opens up one more time at 02:40 min before closing out with the hook and the intro pattern, making it a great choice for the playlist.

As a funny coincidence, ELWOOD STRAY is currently on tour with CHAOSBAY, but they made it into the FFTP playlist either way. I gave their most recent songs DECAY, NO CURE and UNCERTAIN ME a few spins and had NO CURE already picked, without knowing UNCERTAIN ME yet. 

Don’t get me wrong here, NO CURE is one hell of a banger, but for my run, the hook of UNCERTAIN ME just caught me and is still vibing around in my head right now. The song pushes immensely, the hook is just catchy and it also features some very aggressive guitar riffs. 

This song would have been a perfect choice for games like TONY HAWK or NEED FOR SPEED. The bottom line: it’s in the playlist right now and will stay there for a good amount of time. Did you check out the playlist yet? Let me know your feedback via Instagram-DM, how the songs are sounding to you. The link is right here:

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