Rock for a reason.

Dear metal and metalcore fans,

Death and grief are part of life, just like birth. Nevertheless, this topic of the final phase of life is often associated with fear and helplessness for many people.

With the charity campaign "Voice4Kids," we want to do something good together with you. We have decided to donate the funds to the Hospice Team Nuremberg to help the families of seriously ill children in the region.

We have been working on this project together with the Hospice Team Nuremberg for several months and we are proud to present the results to you now.

As part of a concert on December 17, 2023, we will conclude the donation period and spend an evening together that is positive and informative.

Outpatient children's and youth hospice services are specialized facilities that focus on the care and support of seriously ill children and their families. These facilities offer a variety of services to improve the lives of children and their families, especially during times of illness and grief.

The outpatient Hospice Team Nuremberg has been advising and accompanying people at the end of life and their relatives in their home environment for over 27 years. This can include their own home, senior citizens' homes, nursing facilities, palliative care units, or the Xenia Hospice House.

In addition, children, adolescents, and young adults, people with intellectual disabilities, people in housing and homeless assistance facilities, as well as those affected in the deaf community, are supported. The grief counseling center offers open and fixed grief groups and supports mourners through individual counseling sessions. The training of hospice and grief counselors is carried out through the affiliated Academy for Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

In times of grief, music can play an important role in coping with emotions. Music can help express emotions that words cannot, and it can have a therapeutic effect that helps relax and calm the mind and body. Music can also provide an opportunity to create positive memories and remind the grieving that the memories of their loved ones will forever remain with them.

Overall, the work of children's hospices is indispensable for families with seriously ill children, as it not only provides medical and practical support but also emotional support and assistance in coping with grief. The use of music as a therapeutic tool can help facilitate the process for those affected and often leads to a better coping with the situation.

It is important to us that the donations stay in the region and directly benefit the local people. We look forward to your support!

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