The non-profit project Voice4Kids, as part of its initiative to assist children in difficult situations, successfully supported the Hospice Team Nuremberg in its first year. The fundraising campaign, targeting metal and metalcore fans, aimed to support families of seriously ill children in the region.

"Voice4Kids" collaborated with the Hospice Team Nuremberg for several months to collect donations and organized a concert on December 17, 2023. The concert was not only positive and informative but also served to conclude the fundraising period.

The outpatient Hospice Team Nuremberg has been advising and accompanying people at the end of life and their relatives in their home environment for over 27 years. This can include their own home, senior citizens' homes, nursing facilities, palliative care units, or the Xenia Hospice House.

"It is important to us that donations stay within the region and directly benefit the local community. We look forward to your support!" emphasizes the Voice4Kids team led by the band Torrential Rain.

In the coming years, further initiatives and events are planned to support institutions financially and in their visibility within the region. The team is continuously seeking sponsors and contacts. If interested or if you have helpful suggestions, please contact us via the contact form with the keyword "voice4kids"!

  • How can I participate?

    • Buy a ticket for the next charity concert
    • Tell your family and friends about the campaign
    • Share our posts about the action on social media
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