Part 2 - The devil's near

Part 2 - The devil's near

Of course I am on fire now to pick you up. Despite the weather being rather bad, I went for my run.

To me, there are pros and cons about rain: The air during rainfall is probably the best one to breathe, but you’ll obviously get wet.

To avoid getting too cold, I always try to maintain a constant pace. Helping me with that is a song by I PREVAIL: Bad Things.

The song starts off with a hook which immediately stays in your head, followed by a nice flowing verse, thanks to the rap by Eric Vanlerberghe. At this point, Bad Things gets me going already. When the hook really opens up in its instrumental entirety, I always sing along in my head.

The song continues to build up with a nice change, leading to the inevitable drop, which combines a very groovy guitar riff with Eric’s shouts perfectly. I can imagine how hard this part hits live! After all, a very solid track, which really motivates me for sport and therefore a must for the playlist. 

How about you? When will your next pit happen? Let me know via DM on Instagram, which tickets are currently pinned to your fridge waiting for the next pit.

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