Part 3 - Times like this

Part 3 - Times like this

It's Friday, 3rd February and time for the next BY.on coaching weekend powered by VPBY at the beautiful castle of Alteglofsheim. I left for the weekend right after work and surprisingly arrived way too early due to very calm traffic. 

To get some fresh air in, I used the extra time to go for a run throughout the castle’s garden. 

For this 6,5 km-run I just put on the entire album THE HELL WE CREATE by FIT FOR A KING and went for it. Despite being my favorite song on this record, WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND didn’t quite fit for my running. 

 TIMES LIKE THIS however, with its driving intro and literally every part after that, was the song motivating me the most today.

I have to admit, I didn’t feel too good during this run and I also got sick the week after that – just in time for the HEAT UP TOUR which kicked off on February 17th in Nuremberg.

But of course, things like that happen! I’m very happy to see you following the playlist and give me some feedback on FIT FOR THE PIT via DM. 

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