Part 5 - Hearts on fire!

Part 5 - Hearts on fire!

I came home pretty late today: long day at work and a meeting at MEINL headquarters – it was evening before I knew it. While chilling on the couch I thought: “Well – a nice round of Hogwarts Legacy would do it right now!” BTW: who’ currently playing HL? Let me know via DM on Instagram! 

However I got myself together and went outside after being inside throughout the entire day to at least get some fresh air in. So I changed into my sports clothes and went for it! 

Along with the Adidas Running App, I am currently using the Freeletics App as a running coach. On today’s schedule: sprints. So I put on my head-flashlight and went to a short dirt-track going back and forth at dawn. I was in a great mood for SHADOW MOSES by BRING ME THE HORIZON, since it has so much power.

Of course the intro takes its time, but as soon as the guitar in the background starts off with its pattern, I always get the energy to really get going. Thanks to a great guitar riff and driving drums in the verse, the song really picks it up. I really recommend using this one for sprints. The line “You’ll can run, but you’ll never escape (we’re going nowhere)” also gets some extra speed out of me towards the end, so I’m adding it to the playlist. But today’s highlight is a different song: 

During my run, I suddenly had an urge to put on this song. To give you a bit of background: this was one of the very first songs I learnt on guitar. Not sure why, but I always have a Dragonball Z fight in mind with Son Goku really getting into it when I hear this song, because he’s always fighting against himself trying to exceed his own limits.

When HOF came on, I actually was done with my run and on my way home, but I just had to give it one more go. To wrap it up: fresh air is the best thing for me after a long and exhausting day.

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