Part 1 - The beginning

Part 1 - The beginning

You’d love to be fit enough to go all out in the moshpit at your favourite band’s next show without being exhausted after the first round? I got your back with some inspiration: FIT FOR THE PIT 

Don’t worry, I am no fitness coach, just a guy who likes to be fit enough for every show that we play, so I can give it my all for everyone attending our concerts. Which is why I started running on a daily basis prior to our recent fall-tour in 2022. I love to run outside and get some fresh air into me. Of course there are a lot of possible approaches and I won’t tell you to pick a particular one. You’ll do just fine finding the one that fits you best, gives you the most fun and just feels good to you. You could ask yourself: “why this blog then?” Easy enough: Let’s just do this together! I’ll use this blog to recommend the songs which are pushing me during sports – step by step.

Let’s start: I was going for a run on February 1st. Weather was okay, but I got myself some gear together which would allow me to go outside no matter the conditions. But see for yourself: 

What I like about being in the woods is the calm and special atmosphere. Haha… of course I’m listening to music, but I’m still able to perceive the silence. During this run, one song really caught me:

I love the very relaxing intro, before the song really just takes off. Sam Carter really has the power in his voice that helps me to bring up my pace, while I have to be careful not to headbang during the verses. At 1:55 min there’s a short break that is the calm before the storm to me. The actual drop hits during the solo, which I find very fitting for the song, before the last chorus is bringing back the energy one more time and gave me a very nice result: 

What I’m planning to build here is a playlist with a lot of power that you’ll hopefully like. I started it off with 20 songs that I really enjoy at the moment and will keep the playlist updated with every run that I do. I’m looking forward to this journey with you! 

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