Part 10 - Swimming with sharks

Part 10 - Swimming with sharks

How crazy did this song push me during my workout? I mean, sure, the band doesn't mess around. That was exactly the right track after a long day. The temperature was chilly, but the sun was out and the air felt incredibly good.

I was on an old school trip and listening to my private metalcore playlist, which is now 9 hours long. I had 1.5 km left out of 7.5 km, and then this song of FALLING IN REVERSE came on:

I don't know what happened then. I was able to pick up the pace right. Ronnie Radke's rap has a crazy power that grabbed me and didn't let go. The song builds up more and more, piece by piece, until the absolute escalation happens at 02:32 min.

Fat breakdown, classic metalcore lead guitar, and with the whole composition in the background, the song finds an epic finale. A must-have for the 'FIT FOR THE PIT' playlist:

I wasn't surprised by the result either, after I really picked up the pace.

I'm very satisfied with the progress over the last few runs and I can tell it's getting better and better. How about you? How are your results looking? Drop me a DM via Instagram and let me know how you're doing. 

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