Part 13 - I will not falter!

Part 13 - I will not falter!

Yo, are you also scoping out new tunes? It’s often a challenge to keep track of all the releases out there. That’s why I hit up Henning, CEO of SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BANDS, to see if he had any recommendations. That’s how I came across the UNDERGROUND VOICES playlist from SYLB:

So while shuffling through the playlist, I came across various tracks, and the following one really helped me keep up the pace during my run:

The song starts off with a dreamy vibe and then transitions into a melody that I can imagine being belted out by a live audience. During the verse, I had brief Simple Plan vibes, which take me back to the days when I would play their songs on repeat.

The chorus is incredibly catchy, making it a solid choice from the beginning. But the real surprise came at 1:40 minutes in: things get heavy! There are shouts accompanied by driving chord patterns from the guitar, bass, and drums. It’s sick!

The song ends once again very atmospherically with the stadium-compatible melody. Thanks to Henning for the recommendation and thanks to LIFESPARK. for this song. Are you already following the FIT FOR THE PIT Playlist? If not, give it a chance and tune in during the next workout.


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