Part 14 - Learn to let go!

Part 14 - Learn to let go!

Do you have a warm-up? What's your routine before starting your workout or run? For me, it's pretty simple: since I use the Freeletics Coach, it always gives me a warm-up program. It's just to activate the body a little bit.

The weather was great today and I had a relaxed 6 km run ahead of me. I focused on my running technique. For my playlist, I put on The Core Playlist from Spotify and then got stuck on this song:

The opening riff immediately caught my attention. After the direct intro, turntables were added, which generated a really good nu metal vibe that strongly reminded me of Linkin Park. The verse slows down a bit, which I think is good considering the power that the intro already brings.

At 0:40 min, the verse leads into a powerful singing performance by Charlie Rolfe, who exhibits an incredible versatile voice in this song. From powerful singing to nasty shouts, everything is included!

After the second chorus, there's a calm section that builds up tension and at 02:51 min, it leads into a well-placed breakdown. I can imagine that this part would really get the crowd moshing during a live performance.

The song got me pumped and that's why it made it into my Fit For The Pit playlist. The result of the run was also good for me and I can feel that I'm making progress with every workout.

How's it going with you lately? It's been a few weeks since Fit For The Pit started, and I'm curious to hear your feedback. Drop a comment or send a DM via Instagram. I'd love for you to listen to and share the playlist!

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