Part 15 - I'm a flood, I'm a wave!

Part 15 - I'm a flood, I'm a wave!

The weather was just perfect! You couldn't help but choose to go for a run in that. Judging by my grin, my motivation was more than there. Plus, there were some songs on my list that I just had to listen to.

If you haven't heard of Siamese yet, you've been missing out. These guys from Denmark definitely know how to strategically incorporate certain elements into their song arrangements. Their latest album really got me hooked. And today, we're talking about the following song:

The track opens with a composition that really blows me away. Right after that, the song pushes forward into the depths, while Mirza Radonjica starts singing. Already at 0:42 min the opening theme repeats, which I really like. If a band has a good theme, they should use it.

At 1:12 min, the guitar reinforces the verse, which builds up a lot of tension and leads into a groovy and song-serving riff at 1:22 min. The arrangement builds up again from 1:58 min and culminates in a massive breakdown at 2:15 min that will push your performance in every workout! I really like the song and it has made it onto the playlist, of course.

That was truly a unique listening experience today, because after 'The Shape of Water', it continued with the song 'Death Awaits' by Resolve, which I discovered through my Twitch format 'Gordy's Music Rallye' and its community. 'Death Awaits' holds a lot of promise:

Right at the beginning, the title is sung in the form of a clear chant and leads into a cue where the entire band joins in. This song also goes strongly forward, which the shouts in the first verse definitely emphasize. The melody is catchy and you can already sing along at the next chorus.

What really excites me about this song is the instrumental diversity. While the song starts off with a rock vibe, it really picks up speed through catchy guitar riffs. The pattern at 2:28 minutes really invites you to headbang and let me tell you, running to it is not easy 😀. It's just a strong and punchy song that's also in my playlist right now.

And to top it off, there was one more song that I didn't have on my radar, and it was also my first time listening to the band. Written By Wolves is a progressive cinematic rock band from New Zealand, and the last track of the day is called "Give 'em Hell":

The song starts off relatively calm and at 0:22 min a simple but really fat guitar riff is announced, which then shows its full glory at 0:32 min. I would rather classify the song as hard rock, but that doesn't matter because it works damn well and was a lot of fun to exercise to. 

The hook is very catchy and immediately gets stuck in your head. There's a calm section starting at 2:25 min that builds up nicely and then at 2:58 min transitions into a really cool and energetic breakdown. When I finished listening to this song, I was just happy because I enjoyed it so much and of course it made it into the playlist.

Today was truly special, as three tracks made it directly into the Fit For The Pit playlist. But if it works, it works, as the results show. The playlist keeps growing and the variety increases with every workout or run. Have you checked it out yet? Let us know in the comments if you like the current selection of the playlist.

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