Part 17 - Sport and Music in the Ultimate Power Duo!

Part 17 - Sport and Music in the Ultimate Power Duo!

Finally, I gave it a try, and I'm thrilled. It greatly enhances my athletic performance as I can now train much more efficiently and have an overview of my current status. I received the GARMIN Forerunner 245 as a birthday present last year and finally set it up.

The weather today was fantastic. After having a good training flow in the past weeks, I was able to test a long distance today with my new sports watch.

Of course, the question arises: What did he listen to while running today? I can answer that very clearly: I listened to the FIT FOR THE PIT playlist again, just because I enjoy working out to the songs selected there. 

I ran the route today for the first time in this form, and it was just fun to see how my body performed on the watch.

The route includes a steep incline where I really had to catch my breath. By monitoring my heart rate, I could see that I reached my maximum training intensity. It's interesting because if you stay in this range for too long, the entire training session becomes less efficient.

The music didn't make it any easier either. Once I reached the top, I was able to continue running more relaxed, and the different songs really gave me an extra boost. I've listed the lap times for you:

In conclusion, I can say that having the watch will bring about some significant changes as I now have constant physical feedback. Afterwards, I enjoyed a delicious meal of fried eggs with a coconut-chickpea-tomato curry, which really rounded off the entire session nicely.

Do you have a sports watch or do you maybe use the Freeletics Coach? Share your story and your music in the comments and let's have fun together with music combined with sports!

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