Part 18 - Face the pain and push down!

Part 18 - Face the pain and push down!

For a change, things turned out differently than expected. Well, I ended up running somewhere else than planned. I was visiting my family at Lake Ammersee and went for a run at Schatzbergalm while my mom was cycling alongside.

My brother-in-law recommended me the new Bury Tomorrow album titled 'The Seventh Sun,' which I added to my playlist just before the run. Among the many powerful songs, one in particular was a lot of fun to run to, and that was 'Abandon Us.'

The song starts off with full power without any big introduction, and that energy is maintained when the vocals kick in. There's a brief moment to catch your breath at 0:28 min before the diverse shouting continues.

The first hook comes in exactly one minute into the song, and up until that point, the arrangement has shown a lot of variation while maintaining a consistent thread. The hook works well and is easy to sing along to. The drums then transition at 01:40 min into a groovy section that's really enjoyable.

After the second hook, the breakdown kicks in, which happens in a very explosive manner, thanks to an elegant buildup of tension, and it brings the song to a close.

Short and sweet, I would say! I was really pumped up while running. It was all thanks to the entire album by Bury Tomorrow, which is truly impressive. If you enjoy classic metalcore, you will definitely enjoy this album.

I used to go running here before. It was a really nice flashback with good music, beautiful weather, and of course, great company! 😊 The journey continues, and with each workout, it becomes even more enjoyable. Do you feel the same way? Leave a few words in the comments, and see you next time!

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