Part 19 - Can you help me out?

Part 19 - Can you help me out?

Everyone knows by now that I always include a line from the selected song in the headline. These lyrics have once again blown me away completely. Not only because they revolve around a topic that is simply ever-present.

For those familiar with Rising Insane and who have been following their previous releases and reading interviews with the band, it's evident that the lyrics revolve around depression. Just as serious as this topic is, the sound of the quintet from Oldenburg has also evolved.

The current single is called 'Half Alive', and both the lyrics and the sound of the song are filled with energy that serves as a motivation during workouts. The song starts right off with the hook and then transitions into an instrumental intro that really kicks things into high gear.

Aaron powers through the verses, adding his powerful shouting vocals to complement the groovy guitar riffing. I don't want to sound like a fanboy all the time, but even with their last album, Afterglow, every single release had me completely hooked.

That's also true for 'Half Alive'. The band knows how to maintain a consistent flow and build tension in the arrangement. Of course, at 02:47 min, there's a heavy breakdown where Aaron really goes all out before transitioning into the final hook. The song ends with a nice pattern that concludes with intensity. It's a really great song if you want to push yourself during your workout.

Rising Insane has consistently surpassed themselves over the years. They have now joined Easthaven Records, and I'm confident that there are great things ahead for them. I'm excited and curious to see what's in store! The song is in the playlist, and you're welcome to give it a listen and provide feedback in the comments!

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