Part 22 - The clock is ticking!

Part 22 - The clock is ticking!

Somehow nostalgia got hold of me, and I found myself reminiscing about my first metal concerts. What band was it for you? For me, it was Bullet For My Valentine at Zenith in Munich with their debut album "The Poison".

It was crazy that As I Lay Dying was the opening act. I attended the concert with a broken toe and stood right at the front. I didn't want to miss Matt and Michael on guitar, of course. Back then, I even had my own Jackson Flying V guitar.

The curtain (and I mean that literally) went down, and the first song was "Her Voice Resides", which, from the very first minute, meant one thing: pure escalation!

I was in the mosh pit during the first verse, then suddenly found myself all the way in the back and immediately back at the front by the barricade. I was a plaything of the more experienced metalheads. I mean, I was 16 years old and had no idea what to expect.

For today's run, I treated myself to the debut album "The Poison". I don't really need to break down the song "Her Voice Resides" because it's one that you should definitely know. I especially like the part at 2:30 minutes right before the solo because the guitar riff is incredibly catchy and yet so simple.

That's why I chose that song. It was perfect for running! It's definitely included in the playlist now. I hope you enjoy the playlist. There has been a major update because I couldn't keep up with the writing. I look forward to hearing how you like the playlist!

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