Part 23 - Raise me up again

Part 23 - Raise me up again

Today, I had an evening event at work. So, I had a time window of 2 hours to go for a run. Do you also do that sometimes? The good thing was that I got to go out again because the weather was perfect.

Then I queued up the new album from Sleep Token and started running. It was a route I didn't know, so it was a bit chaotic how I ran. My track for today's post is "The Summoning":

Normally, you just run and are usually pushed by the music. With Sleep Token, it's fundamentally different for me because I feel like I'm simply floating through the moment. The music is so atmospheric, and especially in "The Summoning", it exudes a tremendous amount of variation that is rarely encountered in bands.

The hook with the vocals "Raise me up again/Take me past the edge/I want to see the other side" immediately caught my attention. The lyrics are so intriguing, and that's just one aspect of why I admire this band. Daniel Kuhlemann (Frontman of Tenside) recommended this band to me some time ago when their album "Sundowning" was still current.

On their successor "This Place Will Become Your Tomb," the band really got me hooked, although I didn't listen to them obsessively yet.

The single "The Summoning" showcases not only profound lyrics but also incredible attention to detail in the instruments, vocals, and effects/synthesizers. In its 6 minutes and 35 seconds, the song captivates with its melancholic overall atmosphere. Particularly fascinating is the section that follows the long pause at 5 minutes and 2 seconds. It's truly mind-blowing!

The song completely engulfs me and enables me to focus incredibly well, which is why it deserves a spot in the FIT FOR THE PIT playlist.

Can you keep up with the Sleep Token hype or not? Leave me a message on Instagram, I would love to hear your opinions!

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