Part 24 - Weights and Metalcore, next level

Part 24 - Weights and Metalcore, next level

I have completed my Freeletics running coach. Have you gotten a sports watch by now? It has made a big difference for me as the watch suggests workouts based on my current condition.

As you can see, I have introduced some variety by starting the new coach program "Everyday Strength" through my Freeletics app, which aims to complement my running with strength and bodyweight training.

I have bought a set of kettlebells for home and got myself two adjustable dumbbells, so that I can do a variety of exercises. I am really excited to see how incorporating these workouts alongside my running will impact my fitness journey.

The plan is to alternate my training sessions, which means the following: If I go for a run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Week 1, I will do the other workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. In Week 2, I will reverse the schedule. I am really excited to see the results of this approach.

After focusing on the execution and not having a new song yet due to the routine with the equipment, I don't have a new song. But I'm sure that the current playlist will serve its purpose. How about you? I'd love to hear your feedback on your progress!

For running and workouts, I use the following equipment and apps: 

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