Part 25 - We want the world to know

Part 25 - We want the world to know

When was the last time you had muscle soreness? I couldn't do anything without pain for a while. The new exercises have definitely done their job. The new plan from the Freeletics app "Everyday Strength" is just right for me.

Likewise, the new release from our friends Avalanche Effect, who are now signed with EASTHAVEN RECORDS, delivers a powerful track called "Manipulating Sky" that definitely provides motivation and power during workouts.

The intro kicks off with aggressive shouts, a heavy groove, and pushes forward with strong guitar riffing and driving drums. The alternating clean vocals and shouts lead to the chorus at 1:10 min, which opens up powerfully and brings a sense of variety.

Afterwards, the song culminates in a heavy breakdown that not only delivers in terms of vocals but also builds up tension with the instruments. The entire song is accompanied by synthesizers that create a sphere fitting the dramatic and melancholic atmosphere of the song.

After this release, which has given me a lot of energy during workouts, I'm treating myself to a wrap with tofu, corn, etc. (I believe you can see it in the picture). I'm really impressed with "Manipulating Sky". Not only is the song itself powerful, but the video is also visually stunning.

I'm also looking forward to the upcoming releases by Avalanche Effect and I hope I can experience them live as well. The song "Manipulating Sky" really appeals to me. The energetic music and the intense vocals have impressed me. Do you like the song as much as I do? Write it in the comments!

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