Part 27 - Who's keeping score?

Part 27 - Who's keeping score?

Finally, sports feel good again. Now, it's been a really long time since I was truly fit, and this time I managed to really do nothing until I was completely ready again.

Perfect, today is Release Friday, and Bring Me The Horizon dropped "Kool-Aid". So, I immediately added the song to the playlist, which you can follow here:

Now about the song: The intro already promises a party, as it's similar to "Alligator Blood" in showing that it can go straight into the moshpit. At 0:14 min, the whole band joins in and the song gradually picks up speed.

The first hook already comes in at 0:39 min and is classic BMTH style, catchy. At that point, I was really curious to see how it would continue. I was surprised as it then goes into shouts in the next part. Until then, I had short flashbacks to older BMTH songs.

Now we're at 1:51 min, and there's a transition that can only end in a drop. We get that at 2:15 min. Live, it's definitely going to be a Moshpit escalation, if you ask me.

The whole thing is embellished with nice effects, giving this part even more intensity. What made my heart beat faster was the solo that follows. Then comes the hook, and the song ends again heavily, reminiscent of the part before the solo

What can I say? I like the song and it can definitely give you a boost during a workout, which is why it's going into the playlist alongside the song FSU by GHOTSKID.

I'm happy because I was finally able to go running for two days, and I definitely plan on doing it more often. How about you? Write in the comments how your year started.

For running and workouts, I use the following equipment and apps: 
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