Part 28 - Only follow the trail!

Part 28 - Only follow the trail!

 I was sitting on the couch, finishing up an episode of "Somebody Feed Phil", when my running watch kept buzzing at me, saying "Go!"

So, I got up and started running. Before that, I quickly started a Spotify Jam in the Threads Community to get me pumped up.

I hadn't gone for a long run in a long time, and I was excited to see how I would do. The FIT FOR THE PIT playlist was on repeat, and the people in the community had added a lot of great songs to the queue.

The new release from Landmvrks is really a banger. The beginning is surprising because it builds up a little differently than usual, but that's not meant negatively. The whole song is such a crazy track that it definitely pushes you while you're working out!

The next song that's been stuck in my head all week is the new release from Leyka, with whom we played in Mainz last year.

With this release, the guys really put out something that doesn't need to hide at all from other big bands in the scene. The riff at the beginning kicks in so hard and then the arrangement builds up in a very versatile way, which I personally really like.

Overall, I'm very happy. The Spotify Jam with the Threads community is always fun, and the new songs are also bringing new color to my FIT FOR THE PIT playlist.

That's why you should definitely check it out and maybe listen to it during your next workout. I'm looking forward to your feedback!

 For running and workouts, I use the following equipment and apps: 

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