Part 30 - One Moment!

Part 30 - One Moment!

I ended last week by making a delicious pizza using the famous Sharkus dough recipe from Threads. I also got to christen my new pizza stone!

Today's workout included jump rope, chest, and abs. I thought about listening to a podcast, but in the end I went with my motivational playlist, which was the perfect choice for a Monday morning.

"What? You don't listen to your FIT FOR THE PIT playlist?" you're probably thinking. But yes, even I like to listen to different things sometimes. The track that definitely pushed me through my workout today was the classic LOSE YOURSELF by EMINEM.

This song has been out for so long, but the message behind it always gets me. I see myself, look at my path, and above all: I focus absolutely on what I am doing at the moment.

I concentrate on every movement, my breath, and everything else is simply irrelevant. And I don't know about you, but when I get into that kind of mode through a song, it's just incredible.

For this reason, I'm not including the FIT FOR THE PIT playlist in the attachment today, but instead I'm giving you my motivational playlist with tracks that can be good for your own motivation and that, for example, motivate me to hold on to my dreams and give everything for them.

For running and workouts, I use the following equipment and apps: 

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