Part 31 - I was only dreaming

Part 31 - I was only dreaming

Today I got an interval training from my Garmin Forerunner 245 Watch for the first time in a long time. The watch always suggests good running workouts based on my current fitness level. That means: warm-up - interval training - cool-down and all that stretched to 42 minutes.

The weather was amazing today and after I recently realized that I haven't really paid attention to the current album FATALISM by POLARIS yet, I put it in the queue. One track in particular stuck out and that is DISSIPATE:

 The song starts with a guitar melody that leads to a drop through a fade in. This melody is then played over a very nice pattern. If you know and love the song CONSUME from the album THE MORTAL COIL, you'll be happy here just like me.

 During the verse, the song continues to push forward, which is naturally due to the instruments, but is definitely more than supported by the powerful vocals of Jamie Hails. I'll say it like it is: I'm just so into his shouts! I also spoke to him briefly at the merch booth and found him to be extremely likeable!

Even before the first minute, the hook comes in, which stands out thanks to Jake's clean vocals. In verse 2, things get even more intense than in verse 1. A pattern then rumbles through the second half and leads into a fat breakdown that unfolds really nicely.

 A clean part with fancy drums in the background provides a short break. This gave me goosebumps, because the lyrics at this point gave me GONE WITH THE WIND vibes and I think they deal with the same theme:

I was only dreaming
I was never here
I was only dreaming
Of how I’ll disappear

With that I want to say that not only is the song, including the absolutely monumental finale at the end, brilliant, but the lyrics are also very deep and provide insights into difficult thoughts.

The song ended up in the playlist because it simply resonates with me. POLARIS will establish themselves even more in the scene than they already are. I'm really looking forward to seeing them live again and since it wasn't that long ago and is simply incredibly sad, there's only one thing left to say at this point: 

Rest in peace, Ryan.

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