Part 4 - That's it!

Part 4 - That's it!

I will always remember it! The Heat Up Tour is over and an exciting month trying my hand as a tour manager comes to an end. Thanks to everyone who was there. Before the tour, I was sick. In Nuremberg, I was still thinking about skipping singing for the tour. Long story short: I became fitter during the shows. 

That immediately motivated me to continue running. And what can I say? The weather was perfect for it! On March 2nd, 2023, the sun was shining, and I heard such a motivating and positive track while running that gave me goosebumps. 

The song starts with an incredible opening. The verse is then introduced by Matthew Flood's calm singing, who then naturally unleashes his full potential and really gets going. The guy is simply amazing, just like Caskets' arrangements. 

BY THE SOUND drives me forward and gives me a really good feeling while listening with its different sound elements. The song gives power, and you need that for sports. That's why it's now in the playlist.

Definitely check out more of Caskets if you like the sound. I can't wait to experience the guys live. Was Caskets already on your radar? Send me a DM via Instagram and let me know. Here's the link to the FIT FOR THE PIT playlist:  

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