Differentiate feat. XEFUZION

Differentiate feat. XEFUZION

You are a fan of Linkin Park? You like Metalstep with epic drops? Look no further! 

Gordy states: while looking for new features, I came across this YouTube-playlist:

I was listening to the songs while getting some organisation done for the band. When this remix of Linkin Park‘s „Papercut“ came on, I was immediately hooked by the style and just had to know who created this one: XEFUZION.

After listening to it a few more times and showing it to Chris, Dario and Domi, who loved it as well, we all agreed on getting a remix from this dude. Contact was made easily and XEFUZION chose „Differentiate“ to do his magic to. A few days later we received a first snippet and gave him the GO to finalize the remix. 

You can listen to the final result here:

Check out more of XEFUZION‘s work on Soundcloud:


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