Home Alone feat. Hyperclap

Home Alone feat. Hyperclap

You’re playing this remix on every party of yours? So how exactly did this collaboration happen?

As some of you may know, Chris and Gordy were studying Guitar at different universities. At „Neue Jazzschool e. V.“ Gordy met Drummer Vincent Kahlert aka Cedric. After finishing school they stayed in contact via Skype and phone.

Both went on their separate musical path: Vincent became part of the Berlin-based DJ- and Producing-Duo HYPERCLAP who turned a lot of heads with their „Bootleg-Edits on channels such as „Trap Nation“ and Galaxy Music, as well as remixes for artists like Max Frost, Baba Shrimps or Kilian & Jo“

Meanwhile in 2017, Gordy joined the band TORRENTIAL RAIN to release their critically acclaimed single „Home Alone“ on April 10th 2020. On their next phone call shortly after that, Vincent offered to come up with his very own version of the song. Domi (Bassist, TR) was incredibly hyped to learn that HYPERCLAP was going to collaborate with TORRENTIAL RAIN. With his keen musical sense, Vincent came up with a version of „Home Alone“ that convinced the entire band at once! It’s featured on every party of ours and should definitely not miss any of yours.

Shoutouts to Vincent and Sebastian for this great collaboration and amazing result!

You can listen to the remix right here:


Make sure to follow HYPERCLAP on Spotify and check out their music:


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