This post is not about us, but about Hannes. But who is Hannes actually? Hannes is not just Hannes, Hannes is DER HANNES! Since 2020, we've been working together on Torrential Rain to take this band forward. Hannes is we-creative, we-creative is our management, and thus, Hannes is our manager.

Together, we share the vision of taking Torrential Rain to the next level. It's not always easy because there are so many variables that can be tirelessly adjusted. Hannes is always there, pulling night shifts when something needs to be finished, and putting a lot of sweat into this band. But who is Hannes?

Hannes, like Gordy, comes from the area near Lake Ammersee, specifically from Peißenberg, where he saw us live during our Transitions Tour and immediately wanted to work with us. He enjoys getting some fresh air, has a similarly ridiculous sense of humor as we do, shares a passion for music, and is now flying around the area with his paraglider.

But Hannes also has a good camera and enjoys taking photos. This led to Hannes, together with his brother Lukas and Chris, shooting the videos for "Fountain Of Youth", "Digital Dreams", and "Count On You", spending countless minutes with his little speedster on the A9 and A3. The guitar and bass playthrough videos were also done by Hannes in collaboration with Bastian Barth. Here you can catch a glimpse:

What we're getting at: These are all tasks that go beyond the actual work of management. But because Hannes believes in Torrential Rain just as much as we do, he invests every free minute in this band, and that takes energy and patience. I (Gordy) would say that we are like a small family, and Hannes coordinates everything so that everyone is satisfied in the end.

Why am I going into such detail? Well, all this always happens in the background, and it's important to us that it is also recognized externally. We are simply wholeheartedly grateful to have Hannes on board as a fifth person helping us to bring our music to the world.

Hannes, we thank you for doing everything you can for this band 24/7. We appreciate your patience, your ideas, your motivation, your humor, and your straightforward approach. Thank you for always being there and believing in us. By now, it's more than a working relationship; it's a good friendship! We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones, and truly enjoy the peace!

Photo | Bastian Barth Fotografie

And to everyone who now has this on their radar, that's "DER HANNES"!


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