Phase 2, here we go! - Time For Metal Underground Award 2023

Phase 2, here we go! - Time For Metal Underground Award 2023

Incredible! We knew we could count on you! We not only passed Phase 1 of the Time For Metal Underground Award 2023 voting, but with your help we also secured the number 1 spot in our region. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!! The following acts are in the top 5 in our region:

  1. Torrential Rain – Differentiate
  2. Immunity – Post Human Empire
  3. Diversity – The Bitter Taste Of Sin
  4. We Are Legend – Fallen Angel
  5. Vanish – Crowdpiercer

We congratulate all the other bands who made it to phase 2 as well. Here's a chance to listen to our submitted song again:

 What happens next? In Phase 2, the Time-For-Metal team will choose the overall winner as well as the 2nd and 3rd places from the remaining 20 bands. We are super excited. You can read everything again here:

Official article by Time-For-Metal

 We'll let you know as soon as the final decision is made! Until then, I definitely recommend checking out the "Leise war gestern!" podcast, which was also created by Time-For-Metal:

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