"Mega fan support!"

"Mega fan support!"

Long time no see since I wrote my last tour recap. But after the spectacular hometown show at Z-Bau Nuremberg last Sunday, which triggered several flashbacks in me, I think it's a good point. Although there's still one show left this year, so who knows if we've seen the biggest highlight already, but let's do it!

The Club Tour 2023 took us to a total of 5 cities, alongside Immunity: Frankfurt, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Regensburg, and Nuremberg. Apart from the great company, collaboration in organization, and powerful shows, we had another benefit thanks to the guys, for which we are very grateful: THE TRANSIT.

Yes, believe it or not: this tour was our first one with one of those beautiful big Sprinters. Chris immediately fell in love with the bus, and who can blame him: fitting two bands plus equipment effortlessly, having space, and cruising from A to B in a relaxed manner is really something.

Except for Salzburg, we also had two things with us in every city. Number 1: Super strong support bands - Losing My Grip, Mavis, alqemiste, and as the headliner for Nuremberg: Rising Insane. Number 2: Mega fan support! Seriously, seeing fans wearing our merch and giving it their all in front of the stage nationwide is just amazing. So, a big thank you to all of you who come to our shows and support us! 💜

And now, let's talk about the mentioned hometown show: Our home game at Z-Bau, the charity concert Voice4kids, which we organized together with Hospizteam Nuremberg e.V. and Immunity. It started with a bitter pill for us: For the first time since Gordy joined, we had to play a show without him due to illness. A strange throwback for me, as the guitar came out of the computer for the first time in a long while, and I'm really glad when Gordy himself is back on the strings in Rosenheim!

Speaking of throwbacks: The Z-Bau show also reminded me of our last visit there. Back in May 2022, it was our first show after a 2-year Corona break, supporting Tenside, finally having the stage beneath our feet again. Not least due to our rusty organization during setup, we had a rather stressful time at that show and could focus slightly less than desired on the successful live comeback. So, in a way, this time from soundcheck to outro went much more smoothly, and I can now close the chapter of that time... 😉

Anyway, thanks to our awesome Nuremberg fan base, we had a blast at our Voice4kids show, where we even recorded a very cool video greeting for Gordy. Check it out on Instagram if you can find it!

Now, there's only the show in Rosenheim left before heading into the new year 2024, which surely holds many more recap-worthy moments. The first dates are already rolling in – so be sure to check "Events" on our homepage to stay updated!

Until then, take care and see you on stage!




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