Where's the key?

Where's the key?

When giving interviews, you're often asked about the biggest fail or a very memorable moment with the band. And I believe I've never told one of my favorite stories. So today, I want to take you on a journey to the year, well, a good question... honestly, I have absolutely no idea when exactly that was.

I was still living with my parents at the time, and this information is actually important, and I'll come back to it later. So, it was around the year 2015. Also, this gig was one day before a good friend of mine and my then-girlfriend got married.

We were asked if we wanted to play a private concert for an 18th birthday. Funny side note, I now live together with the sister of the birthday person in Regensburg. At the time of the concert, we didn't know each other yet.

Anyway, we packed our stuff and drove to Neumarkt. In addition to all the equipment, a few gadgets like a funnel with a hose for beer destruction were also packed. After all, you have to create a vibe, even offstage.

Here, another important piece of information needs to be added: I lose things wherever I am. This will be a completely separate blog post for another time. But I've already lost so many clothes (INCLUDING SHOES, how does that even happen) when we played concerts.

So, we play the gig, celebrate a bit with the people, and then drive back around 2 o'clock at night. When the others drop me off in front of the door and continue, I realize that I somehow can't find my keys. My parents were on vacation at that time, so I couldn't get into the apartment. For those who remember the beginning of the post, you know that a wedding was scheduled for the next day.

I lived very close to the church. So my girlfriend had stored her dress, which she had bought specifically for this wedding, in my parents' apartment, just like I had stored my suit. That's actually a good idea unless the boyfriend isn't incredibly stupid and forgets his keys in another city.

So, I'm standing at 3 a.m. in front of my apartment and can't get in. I ring my girlfriend out of bed and ask if I can stay at her place because I forgot my keys. I probably don't need to describe my girlfriend's mood any further.

The next day I wake up, my girlfriend furious. I have no suit, she has no dress, and there's no way to get into the apartment. I call the venue and ask if I can pick up my keys. The answer: "Sure, someone will be there at 2 p.m.". That's all well and good if the wedding isn't already at 12 p.m.

So, we both had to borrow clothes from friends, which, of course, didn't fit at all, and go to this wedding. I was scolded all day long, entirely rightly, by my girlfriend.

And the moral of the story, if you're playing at a birthday party and drinking with people, don't forget your damn key!

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