Recap 2022 - Glamour & Gloom Tour Düsseldorf & Hamburg

Recap 2022 - Glamour & Gloom Tour Düsseldorf & Hamburg

You wanna know what it’s like to return to the stage after a long break? Read our second recap of 2022 now! 

27.05.2022 | Düsseldorf | The Tube 

The next part oft he Glamour & Gloom Tour led us to NRW for the first time. After packing up the cars the night before, I went straight to Düsseldorf Main Station on Friday to pick up Dario who was arriving from Berlin. As he told me about the crazy Electric Callboy show he attended, we made our way to the venue which actually is right in the middle of the pedestrian-zone. 

Hence the name, the Tube can be described as a small tunnel-shaped club. The bar right behind the entrance leads you straight into the concert-area with the stage marking the end of the room. So we were prepared for a very cozy evening. After Chris’ and Domi’s arrival we met up with the boys in Chaosbay, who are not only very nice and funny fellows but also an insanely strong live-band. If you have the chance to catch them: DO IT. 

Set-up and soundcheck went very well as we found back to our routine form. After that we met up with Henning from SYLB – Support Your Local Bands and his son David (Guitar player for Hostage) for a nice chat and some lovely drinks at the pub next door, before it was our turn to hit the stage and open up the evening… 

We don’t really know, what it was, but from the first note of “Strung Out” on, Düsseldorf’s metal audience was on fire and made our first show in NRW very memorable. Everyone went nuts and pushed us to our limits on stage. In short: Düsseldorf, we’ll gladly be coming back for more! At this point, a big thank you goes out to XOXO Photography for taking some great pictures of us on such short notice! After finishing our set, we passed the torch to Chaosbay and Tenside who also had a great time with their audience. 

After packing everything up, we headed to the greatest hotel in the area for the night: Henning’s apartement in Huchem-Stammeln. Enjoying his (soon to be famous) Waldschrat-soup (a regional classic) wrapped up this great evening. Thank you so much for your hospitality! 

© Photos by Flo | XOXO Photography


28.05.2022 | Hamburg | Logo 

With a great coffee and breakfast in our bellies it was time to head for Hamburg. Domi and Chris were sharing a car while Dario was driving with me. According to navigation, things should have ran smoothly, if it wasn’t for the traffic. Our patience really got tested that day with two traffic jams on our way. Before heading into Hamburg city, we dropped off our luggage at our accommodation for tonight: a very simple hostel with my room being right next to the common kitchen – but I’ll get to that later.

Literal torrential rain greeted us when we finally arrived at the club. Thankfully, we got some help with loading by the other bands. With the stage being very wide, it was very easy to fit all of the equipment onto it and soundcheck went as clean as it could be. Just enough time for something to eat, before the first visitors were already coming in. The show in Hamburg was something special, because it was the only stop of the tour that featured all three support acts: us as opener, then Chaosbay and Watchout Stampede before Tenside as headliner. 

Hamburg was the first concert I could personally let go when it came to playing. What do I mean by that? Nuremberg, Augsburg and Düsseldorf were really great shows. But I still was a bit too busy thinking about several song parts. When I really had to focus on playing my parts correctly, I couldn’t pay attention to anything around that, which is a pity when there is a great audience and atmosphere that you want to enjoy. Hamburg was the first show where I was able to do just that, which makes it a special night for me. Of course this is my perspective only and I can’t speak for Chris, Domi and Dario.

After our show we took turns operating the merch table and talking to the guests. I really loved to see that Olli Viert (Guitar player for Avalanche Effect | Podcast: Aus der Szene in die Bar | Kingstar Music) was there and liked our show. His observation that everything looked and sounded very dialed-in, made me very happy, since we invested so much time and energy into the touring preparations. It also manifested the impression I had from the night: I was able to let go and enjoy myself in the here and now! 

© Photos by Kevin Hupfeld

Every band gave 100% that night and it was a great way to close out our part of the tour. After Tenside’s smashing headliner set, we took a nice big picture with everyone, which yoz can find right here: 

 © Photo by Alex | DROPINK



What’s left to say? First of all, thank you to Tenside for picking us as support band for their tour. After all this pandemic-crap and all the new music we released during that time, a return to the stage like that was the best thing that could happen to us.

Every night was special in its own way. To me it was clear that the songs brought the just the right energy to the party. The countless rehearsal-sessions and my vocal coaching really paid off. The Glamour & Gloom Tour left me hyped for every show to follow! 

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