Recap 2022 - StuStaCulum Festival Munich

Recap 2022 - StuStaCulum Festival Munich

How do you finish up a tour? With a bang of course! When we were driving home from our headline-show at StuStaCulum Open Air, we were still hardly able to process what just happened on and in front of the stage. But one after another…

15.06.2022 | Munich | StuStaCulum Festival

A college-festival entirely organized by students? A bit unsure on what to expect from this gig, we took the trip to Munich on Wednesday afternoon. Judging off the easy-going organization prior to the festival we were expecting the team to be motivated, but from the moment we stepped onto the festival grounds, the girls and boys exceeded all of out expectations!

No matter what we needed - from a security-committee for our cars, drinks on demand to a personal caretaker backstage - there was always a team member around to make sure, we felt like actual rockstars. As we were watching the other bands already hyping up the crowd, we told ourselves prior to changeover: „If they keep this mood, this will be a very cool evening!“

…oh little did we know…

After a highly professional changeover it was time to bring it on: For the very first time we were able to perform all of the 8 singles we’ve released throughout the pandemic and before we were even finished with „Strung Out“, we couldn’t believe our eyes: The whole area in front of the OpenAir-stage was packed in an instant!

We saw numerous fans already sporting our merchandise, singing our lyrics and moshing like there was no tomorrow… in short: it was a headline-show just like we’ve always dreamt of playing. In addition to „Why Do I Care“ we also celebrated the live-debut of „Obstacles“ and „Deaf Ears“, before - just like rockstars - clearing the stage after an epic audience-selfie with everyone chanting for an encore, only to get overwhelmed at the merch-table.

And when we, after tons of great conversations with old and new fans, got to take the entire stock of beer from the backstage-fridge on our trip home, the evening reached its perfect ending. This for sure goes down as our best concert so far! Word has it that we’re still talking about all the highlights of the show to this day…

© Photos by Jonas Becher | © Selfie by Dario Trennert

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