Recap - Heat Up Tour - Erding

Recap - Heat Up Tour - Erding

No sore muscles after the breathtaking kickoff in Nuremberg? Far from it! After a great night's sleep in our own beds, we headed to Erding! We didn't even have to unload the cars, which saved us a lot of time. The drive to Erding on the A9 was also flawless.

Felix and Dario rode with me. I like these drives. It gives us the opportunity to chat. Since we often want to be productive in a band context, this unfortunately sometimes gets lost. So Dario and I had the chance to get to know Felix even better. We shared different kinds of music, told each other various stories, and simply had a good time.

Upon arriving in Erding, we knew how things worked. We had already been here last fall. The Sonic is a youth and cultural center equipped with a really cool concert room. This is where we met Felix last year and were immediately thrilled.

All bands arrived relatively at the same time. We did the first soundcheck again. The schedule was similar for the whole weekend which was good for getting into a routine. After us, Dead Phonix and finally May The Tempest did their soundcheck. Today it was even easier than in Nuremberg, as we had already solved all the problems with the set up there. 

My recommendation for bands struggling to organize a show in Munich: try contacting Sonic. The team there is incredibly competent and can create a relaxed atmosphere very quickly. Together with Sandra from the team, we planned the event and had no problems with communication or coordination.

And the doors were opened. The people who had seen us last year were back and brought new people with them. The atmosphere was definitely already there during May The Tempest (photo by Josh Wagner) and although there could have been more people, those who were there gave it their all. 

Unfortunately, the photographer fell ill the day before, so we had to resort to using our phones a bit. That means I filmed and took photos of Dead Phoenix, and Mervin did the same for our gig - thanks to him for that! <3 

Dead Phoenix really kicked it up a notch and I can only emphasize again that this band, along with May The Tempest, is an absolute must-see live. 

At 10:00 pm, it was our turn to perform and after the other two bands had already done an outstanding job, nothing could go wrong. We had another incredible time in Erding. I am very grateful that Sonic was part of the Heat Up Tour. The next stop was Augsburg.

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