Recap - Heat Up Tour - Nuremberg

Recap - Heat Up Tour - Nuremberg

Memories are the most beautiful when they are shared. That's why I want to show you my very personal impressions of the HEAT UP TOUR: The first stop of the DIY tour was in our hometown. Together with the MUZclub, we really kicked off the promotion to fill the place

There are many beautiful locations in Nuremberg. We chose the MUZclub. Why? Quite simply: the atmosphere is cozy and can only promise a relaxed evening. I took a few pictures with my phone for you:

Because of the beam on the stage, we had to adjust our setup a little differently than usual, which we already knew beforehand. So Dario was pushed into the corner and I had plenty of space 😉.

There is a cute bar managed by a really caring team. From the stage, you have a view of a small living room corner that contributes a lot to the cozy atmosphere.

The running order for the first weekend was planned in such a way that May The Tempest starts the evening as the opener at 8:00 pm. Because it was important to me that every band gets their fair share, each slot was given a playing time of 45 minutes, whether opener or headliner. Of course, May The Tempest really heated up the crowd, as you can see in the picture by Josh Wagner:

Then there was a little break for the audience while the stage was being set up for Dead Phoenix, who had taken the long journey from Berlin to heat up Bavaria that weekend. Together with Mervin (bass), I organized the tour. If you like the tour poster, you can certainly contact him anytime. 😀

The debut of our friends from Berlin was amazing! I had never seen the guys live before, but I knew from live reports that they deliver an awesome performance. The audience was immediately captivated and gave Dead Phoenix a wonderful reception! The photos of Dead Phoenix and us were taken by our good friend and home buddy Bastian Barth.

The heat was there, just as we had promised before. I was a bit nervous because my voice was acting up. That was due to a cold that, of course, caught me two weeks before the tour. But when it started everything worked out and everyone was immediately into it when we opened the set with our song "Strung Out". 

We didn't have to worry about the sound, as Felix Spring was with us for the first weekend. We met him during shows with Devil May Care and asked if he was up for the shows with us.

It continued with "Why Do I Care" and "Left Outside", and what can we say: the crowd was hyped, which gave us a huge boost! This was especially the case during "Time Will Tell".

What impressed me incredibly is how many people were singing along. Especially during "Home Alone", you could see it well from the stage. It's a great feeling to see the audience enjoying the evening, whether with a drink on the side, in the middle of the mosh pit, or right in front of the stage.

It continued with "Obstacles", which is always a lot of fun live. After the instrument switch, the audience went crazy during "Differentiate" and made the evening perfect with a worthy wall of death! As an encore, we played "Deaf Ears" and so we finished our set after 45 minutes.

The tour kick-off was really nice, and it felt good to start in our hometown. I am super happy about the entire process and the collaboration with the bands and the venue. Especially, I must give a big thank you to Felix Spring, who made sure that many visitors were truly excited about the sound experience, and of course to Basitan Barth for these wonderful photos. Thanks to everyone who was in Nuremberg. I am already looking forward to the next home game!

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