I'm good at losing things!

I'm good at losing things!

Hey everyone. If you're following and reading our blogs, you might remember my last story, in which I told you how I forgot my key at the most inopportune time ever at a gig. If you'd like to read that again, feel free to click HERE to go to the blog.

In that post, I already briefly teased that I'm very good at losing things. Since it happened to me again last week, I thought I'd make a list of the things that have gotten lost in recent times at gigs.

I don't even know how I keep managing to lose so many things, I'm just glad that I haven't lost any of my instruments yet. Let's start with the last few gigs, they're still fresh in my mind and that's when I got really angry for the first time in a long time. At our gig in Nuremberg, “Voice 4 Kids”, I actually managed to lose my wireless for my bass.

That's doubly annoying. On the one hand, I had to play the last few gigs without a wireless, and on the other hand, I just bought the thing in mid-2022 for 600 euros?!?! That's a good start. A few weeks later, in Würzburg, it continues immediately. One of my favorite perfumes is simply no longer in my bag. It's only 100 euros... I could have puked.

So, let's talk about the less expensive stuff I lose. Here's a little context: before every gig, I change into a new outfit. After the show, I change back into my regular clothes and put my stage outfit in the backstage. But I end up losing it about half the time. 

Here's a funny thing: almost every shirt I've lost has been documented in live photos. I only wear my favorite shirts on stage, so I've probably lost 10 - 20 of them over the years. Let's take a look at what I'm missing.

The first shirt I ever lost was my beloved August Burns Red shirt. The picture shows how long ago that was. I just checked, and it was 2012 when I was 17. The last gig I wore it to is also documented.

Here's another one. I wore it once at a gig and then it was gone.

And now for a loss combo: jacket and T-shirt! I don't know how it happened, but they're both gone.

Since we're on the topic of photo shoot pictures, I also lost my nice Scotch & Soda shirt somewhere in a club.

I could probably find more, but that's enough for a quick overview. And if anyone's wondering why I've been wearing the same outfit lately, it's because I'm tired of losing my good clothes. That's why I bought five of the same black pants and five of the same black shirt.


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